Ok--I realize I'm probably late on the bandwagon as HRD Coffee Shop at 3rd and Bryant has been around for quite some time.  And even Guy Fieri has been there which I will look past since it has recently come to light that he is a big douche, but that notwithstanding, I finally made my way to this place which is near where I live.  I've been 2 times and both of those have been on a Saturday because ever since it's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives show it is always packed Monday through Friday particularly around lunch.  If you are okay with crowds then go as they do manage to move things pretty quickly but if you want to sit at the counter or one of the small tables in back go Saturday (they are closed on Sunday).  They serve breakfast --until 11am only and lunch.  The place itself is truly a small dinner--laminate countertops, slightly stained walls, old school menu on the wall, a big TV hanging in the corner (which happened to be showing The Rocky Horror Picture Show the time I was there).  But don't let that stop you from going here, the difference is the food has strong Korean influences and it's very good and the guys behind the counter are actually pleasant--not surly--like some hash-slingers can be.

I had heard many good things about the place from co-workers particularly about their Mongolian cheesesteak sub, their Korean spicy pork burrito and their double cooked pork chops.  However, I was in search of pulled pork (as usual) and I hit the motherlode.  I got the pulled pork sandwich with Korean bbq sauce and spicy peanut slaw served on a toasted roll with a side of french fries.  The pork is the star here and it was tender, juicy and flavorful--I'm not sure how they've cooked it, it's not smoked, more slow crock potted but they have done it well.  The sauce they put on is a bit spicy but it pairs well with the slaw.  Korean food in general is generous with the hot and spicy so I was okay with the sauce as it is part of the experience but believe me the pork stood well on its own.  If you order it you may want to start with the sauce on the side, that way you can use it to dip your sandwich and your fries into it.  The bun was soft and lightly toasted and held up well with the generous amount of pork and slaw they heaped upon it.  The spicy peanut slaw only had a hint of peanut and mint along with some vinegar and spices and it went amazingly well with the pork.  To be honest I didn't really even need the bread I would have been happy with just the pork and the slaw---amazing.  The fries as you can see are also the nice thin cut ones that McD's has made so famous but HRD does them well also, though they only put a little salt on the fries and well, myself, I like more, but they were hot and fresh out of the fryer which allows the salt to adhere better to them.  And all for only $6.75--you can't beat it.

There are any number of things on their menu to make your mouth water and the plates I saw being served make me want to go back and try everything they offer.  If you are ever in the SOMA (that's south of Market Street) neighborhood you should really try to hit this place up, you will be surprised.

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