What can I say except, boo hoo on Safeway for discontinuing these luscious, cream cheese topped delights. I have been to most every store in town and they just don’t do them anymore. They still make cinnamon rolls but they are ones with that treacly powdered sugar icing which is just not the same and neither are the rolls. Sad, just sad. I know I can move on to other desserts but I will miss these.

Yeah I know, it's from


, a grocery store chain, your taste buds must be crazy.  But, seriously, for anyone with a sweet tooth these things are actually quite tasty and here's why.  Each Safeway has its own bakery and they bake their stuff fresh every morning, and there is something about these cinnamon rolls that makes them stand out from their standard donut array.  

The bread itself is appropriately flaky, cakey and slightly doughy and better than those

Pillsbury cinnamon rolls

which to me taste too much like their biscuits.  The cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar filling is gooey sticky goodness and doesn't overwhelm  the entire roll.  The best part for me has to be the icing--freshly made cream cheese icing full of cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar and a hint of citrus add a yummy topping.  

I will go so far as to say these are even better than


 is now.  I used to be a big fan of Cinnabon but I have to say the last few years when I've had one they just are not the same.  Their cream cheese icing has gotten more runny and is not as thick and creamy as it was or as Safeway's is now.  Plus sometimes Cinnabon overdoes the cinnamon in their rolls giving it an almost bitter burnt taste which is a shame as I know that the cinnamon they use is a special proprietary blend they have made and it should be better, but not always.  

Interestingly enough, there is one Safeway that does them the best of the different locations I've had one from and that is the one at

Market and Duboce

which by the way is the busiest store in their chain.  Again for me, the reason I know I like theirs the best is because they do put the most icing on it that I've seen compared to other stores.  And to answer your question yes I have a thing for cream cheese icing especially when it's done right like on a Safeway cinnamon roll.  Give yourself a treat and try one--they come two to a pack so you can share also--or be like me and gorge on the both.  MMMM....sugar coma....nice.