In the old No Name Sushi place at the corner of Church Street and 15th Street sits a new small shop that is part of the new pie rage here in San Francisco that's trying to push out the cupcake craze as so 3 years ago.  It's called Chile Pies and they specialize in just pies (and sometimes ice cream) in both sweet and savory editions.  This is actually their second location technically as they are an offshoot of Green Chile Kitchen located at Baker and McAllister in the Western Addition.

They are different from 3 Babes Pies in that their savory choices are more pot pie than one large pie you slice from.  Now, while I enjoy a good savory pot pie kind of thing, on 2 separate visits I decided to stick with the sweet choice and specifically the peanut butter pie with the chocolate cookie crumble crust.  And on both occasions I was not disappointed.  The place itself is small and quaint with wood paneling, a very small counter with stools to sit at (if you stay) and metal plate bowls which are meant to give it that old-school homestyle feel.  It sort of works but you know I'm not all about ambiance, for me if the food is good, what the place looks like doesn't really matter--to me at least.

But back to the pie.  If you have a severe sweet tooth this pie will more than take care of it.  The filling looks exactly like fresh ground peanut butter with its rough looking texture but it tastes and feels smooth and creamy without all the stick to the roof of your mouth.  The crust looks like a chocolate version of a graham cracker crust like you see on a cheesecake but the flavor is more akin to the cookie part of an Oreo, though not an actual Oreo.  It's crumbly, chocolatey, tasty and mixes well with the peanut butter filling.  Slices of pie are $5 and this time well worth it.  For $1 extra you can add ice cream but to be honest I'm not the biggest fan of ice cream so I skipped that this time.  Though maybe a dollop of fresh cream would have been nice but again that's just me, I still totally enjoyed each slice without it.

If you are in the mood for a little pie, or a whole one, they sell those too, stop by Chile Pies and have a slice or two.

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