Red Velvet        Carrot Cake              Pineapple
                                                 Lemon     Strawberry Chocolate  Coffee Chocolate

I belong to this daily discount site called Scoutmob, it's free and all you do is sign up and every day or so you get an email for a discount, usually 30-50% off a local establishment.  Nothing to buy you just print out the coupon and take it to the place.  Recently I got one for a place called Cupcake Cove, a place I'd not heard of before.  Since it was located a few blocks over from my work and of course because it was something with icing I was all over the 50% off deal I got.  The place is only open Monday through Friday 11am-6pm and it's basically a tiny corner with a walk up counter for ordering--strictly a take away only place.  And just for your reference, once they sell out that is it for the day.  Fortunately I got there right as they were opening so I had my pick.  The make regular size and minis but as you can see I went for the big deal.  Here's my rundown of the flavors I got:

Red Velvet: decent but not spectacular.  The cake was moderately moist and the cream cheese icing was light and okay.  I like a little more tanginess but that's a personal taste choice kind of thing.  On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give it a solid 6--I've had moister and better around town.

Carrot Cake: icing was pretty much same as red velvet. The cake was moist but for whatever reason they put nuts in this thing.  I like nuts, I just don't like them in my desserts.  This one little thing blew the whole cupcake for me--I give it a 4.

Pineapple: this one was good, the cake was moist, the butter cream icing was tasty--only drawback was I wish it had more pineapple flavor.  It was there but just not strong enough, the sweetness of the icing nearly overpowered it--still not bad--it gets a 7.

Lemon: I have to say this was the star of the lot for me.  The cake was not only moist but they had put a lemon curd filling in it adding more flavor and the icing was done just right, including giving me enough. Tangy, tasty, moist--what more can you say.  I really enjoyed this one and recommend it--it gets a 9.

Strawberry Chocolate: the best part of this was the icing.  It was a butter cream mixed with plenty of strawberries and tasted like a sweet creamy ice cream almost, plus it was in a scoop on top.  The cupcake itself, however, was a bit dry.  The icing didn't help overcome this.  Icing gets an 8 cake gets a 2.

Coffee Chocolate:  again the cake part was a let down, more dryness.  The icing definitely gives you a burst of coffee flavor but it doesn't last and the texture of the icing was a little weird, hard to explain, seemed a little waxy.  Overall it gets a 3.

The large size costs $3 per, the coupon got them down to $1.50 each which is why I got six.  Would I go back?  Well, I wouldn't make a special trip to go there but if I happen to be in the neighborhood or walking buy I would definitely stop and refresh my good memories of the deliciousness that is the lemon cupcake--unless they are out then it's the pineapple--unless they are out of that also then, well, I'd walk on.

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