We had some friends pop into town this past weekend for an overnighter and decided to go out for a quick bite to eat.  Since it was raining we thought we would stay close to where we live and decided to hit up Tres just across the street.  We had not been there since they changed from being Tres Agave to being just Tres Tequila Lounge and Mexican Kitchen.  I'm just going to say right off the bat about this place that for what you get it's pricey, especially so for Mexican food.   They do bring you chips and two kinds of salsa, one spicy red the other a mild green which was tasty.  One of our guests ordered some guacamole which they brought in one of those stone mortar bowls and this will set you back $8.50 for a basic guac dip.  I wasn't all that hungry so decided to go with the Chiles Rellenos con Huitlacoche--poblano chiles filled with 3 cheeses, white corn, beans and Mexican truffle.

As you can see they are not exactly traditional as they are not battered and deep fried and it doesn't come with rice and beans even though it's an entree.  Matter of fact none of their entrees come with the traditional rice/bean sides, if you want them you have to order them for an additional charge which to me was a bit much considering these chiles already set you back $17.  It looks pretty with the red salsa and white crema topping so I cut into it and well lots of water just seeped right out of the pepper.  I'm guessing this is because the vegetables inside are of the watery kind--corn, mushroom, zucchini--and however they were cooked has kept them watery which has made whatever cheese is inside also become watery and ad that to the liquidy tomato salsa and it's a waterfall streaming into a pond making everything soggy.  It also doesn't help that this pretty much had no flavor whatsoever.  I took two bites and got nothing but unseasoned mushiness and decided I'd had enough.  After flagging down the waitress I told her it wasn't good and decided to go with the cheese empanadas instead--I mean it's fried dough with cheese inside how could you go wrong?

You get 2 with a small mixed greens salad that had way too much salty lime vinaigrette and an avocado based salsa verde for dipping for $8.50, still a little pricey.  But they did a good job with the empanadas and the fried outer dough was light, buttery and crisp and they cheese inside was abundant and completely melted--as I said before how can you go wrong with fried dough and cheese.  The dipping sauce wasn't very good so I ended up using the green salsa that came with the chips which was much better.  This one was too tangy, like the dressing on the greens, and just had a weird flavor I found unpleasant.

While there was a decent crowd in the place I'm guessing a lot of that had to do with the rain and folks being like us and not wanting to venture too far out, but as you can tell I won't be heading here again.  It's just too hit or miss for me to plop down that much money for small portions and no sides when I could just go to the taqueria around the corner for better of the same--and cheaper--much cheaper.

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