Continuing my adventure down La Bauer's list of best of the bay area far-flung to 'round the corner here are my short little reviews of the last 10 on the list I've actually managed to dine at.  

House of Prime Rib: Old school steak house specializing in prime rib cooked perfectly and creamed spinach and yorkshire pudding and waiters in vests and wood paneling and if you like meat even in the least you really need to try this San Francisco institution.

Marlowe: another south of Market gem that you probably want to avoid on game days.  It's a great neighborhood restaurant.  Many folks say it's all about the burger here, which was decent, but the deep fried brussel sprouts and the bone marrow appetizers are must haves.  Plus the service was friendly and spot on without being annoying.  

Nopa: this place has been crowded since it opened several years ago.  We sat at the bar and watched them cook in the kitchen, which to me makes it the best seat in the house.  Flatbreads and pork chops--get them.  Another great neighborhood casual place to eat.

Pesce: the one thing I remember about this place--loud.  Here it was all about the appetizers and drinks.  Okay place, very Marina crowd.

Piperade: Basque cooking at it's best with a California flair.  Seafood, duck, braised pork shank--you can't go wrong with any choice from the menu.  Great homey, comfortable atmosphere.  An intimate special occasion kind of place. 

Slanted Door: modern Vietnamese cooking in a trendy setting at Ferry Plaza.  This place can be difficult to get in to so make a reservation and you will see the food is well worth it.  This isn't your local take-out joint unless you are in a hurry they do have a to go window around the corner from the main entrance.  You could just get it then sit out and watch the ferry's come and go.  

SPQR: another one of those places that isn't big on reservations for parties less than six.  We managed to snag two seats at the bar.  This is a small plates kind of place which I'm always iffy on considering my appetite.  The food was tasty but alas I didn't find it quite as memorable as Le Bauer.  However, the bartender was very helpful in finding us a glass of wine that paired well with the food, so some props for that at least.

Swan Oyster Depot: if you live in San Francisco just skip this place, it's more of a tourist stop due to the national coverage it has gotten, hence the reason there is always a line to get in.  There is only a bar to sit at and you just wait for an empty seat to eat oysters, crab or cold shrimp that you could pretty much get anywhere else in town.  I just don't get the fascination for this place.

Town Hall: good though expensive.  If you can try it for lunch you could save a bundle.  It's sort of a Texas, southern twist on California cuisine, if that makes any sense.  Buttermilk biscuits and pork chops with fancy trimmings.  Check out the menu and decide for yourself.  Did I mention it's pricey?

Zuni Cafe: kind of an institution in San Francisco now.  Mussels, pom frites or whole chopped chicken, the most popular menu items and stuff they are known for.  It is a place to see and be seen for Sunday brunch.  I would recommend it for anyone visiting town or if you need a place to eat before the opera, ballet or symphony (which are all just around the corner).

There are a lot of good places on this list so make your reservations now and happy dining!