Oh to be a young hipster in San Francisco--actually I'm not but me and the SO decided to hang with a few of them and hit up Off The Grid down at Fort Mason.  It's a revolving door of food trucks and musical acts that invade the place every Friday night during the summer months.  In order to fit in we took along the SO's 26 year old cousin who lives here and is definitely a hipster--you can tell by his hair, skinny jeans and trendy new shoes he had on--plus we just picked him up from the start-up he works at so 'nuff said.   

We probably got there a little late as it was packed, much due to the pleasant whether down there.  Sometimes with the fog rolling in it can be downright freezing but not so much this night.  The lines at all the trucks were long and we were really hungry so after looking around briefly we went for the medium long line at Seoul on Wheels.  We avoided the few short lines as that either means they aren't good or being that we were late they could be out of food.  

After having plenty of time to peruse the menu I decided to go with the Seoul fries--Korean spicy pork barbecue, cheese, crema, cilantro on top of french fries.  Yeah it looks like a hot mess and it kind of was, but it was a truly tasty hot mess.  The pork was tender and spicy and went nicely with the slightly sweet  crema and the melted cheddar cheese.  Maybe I was voraciously hungry but whatever, I really dug into and scarfed it all down and for $8 it is a decent sized portion (which is sometimes not always the case with food trucks).  Minor quibbles that don't actually detract from the dish--the pork should have been cut up into smaller pieces and the fries could have been a little more crisped up before adding toppings--but as I said minor.  

Magnolia Pub and Brewery from Haight Street was also there selling beer and we went with their IPA which turned out to pair well with the spicy pork.  The beer had a nice dark amber color with a hint of citrus that I felt was a good compliment to the food.

The crowd began to thin out a little, possibly because it was getting later and colder or possibly because the band that was playing was loud and kind of one note and the singer you couldn't even understand--who knows.  I decided I needed dessert and headed straight for Cupkates a place I'd not tried before and sadly still haven't tried.  They were out of almost all their flavors except double vanilla (boring!), coconut (ugh, yuck) and strawberry rhubarb (again yuck--why add the rhubarb!?) so I left unsatisfied in sweets land...maybe next time.  

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