I'm continuing my journey through the new eateries at the recently remodeled Metreon--though really I'm just killing time till the new Target opens but at least this time I'm not wasting my taste buds on mediocre fair.  My spot of choice on this particular day is Fresh Roll. The concept is similar to a place I recently visited called Spice Kit. Basically you choose a meat then decide if you want it as a rice wrap roll, a bahn mi or on noodles.

Feeling in a healthy mode I decided to go with the lemongrass pork in a roll with lettuce, bean sprouts, red pepper, carrots, daikon radish, basil and cilantro. And for kicks I threw in a side of taro chips.

I have to say I was really impressed with these rolls, when they say fresh it really is true, they actually tasted fresh.  The vegetables were green, brightly colored, crisp and vibrant. Upon my first bite into the roll the one thought that popped into my mind from the taste on my tongue was--FRESHNESS. The pork was tender with just a hint of the lemongrass so it didn't overpower the flavors of carrot, pepper and radish. For change up I tried two of their sauces--the peanut and the sweet and sour chili.  The peanut while a good standard Thai dipping sauce was a bit much even for me as I will put peanut butter on just about anything, for these rolls I thought it just covered up their taste which would be a crime.  I liked the chili, it was more spicy than sweet and sour but not enough to burn off your taste buds. It adds a nice little kick to an already delicious meal. As for the taro chips they were okay and I think that is more because I'm not the biggest fan of taro. The chips were fresh out of the fryer, crisp and nicely salted and if you are into taro they are worth the up charge.  I still get the gummy after taste which makes me think of poi--which is not a good thing in my food world, but again it's a taste thing, some folks just love it, me, not so much.   

All in all this was a good, mostly healthy, tasty and filling lunch all for around $10 which in San Francisco can be hard to come by.  This place gets a little busy during the lunch rush Monday through Friday so I would suggest either coming by on weekends or just before or after lunch times downtown if you are not into lines.  Either way give it a try, I think you might just like it.  

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