And so it was that I found myself with an invite to a food blogger festival here in San Francisco. Put on by the DailyBuzz Food folks of Federated Media it brings together about 300 people from (almost) all across the country to schmooze and eat in San Francisco. This is the fourth year of the event but my first attending as I only started "food blogging" about a year ago. That's right people--I'm officially a food blogger and you are reading a food blog--and there you have it. So let's talk about some food then. One of the most looked forward to events (I was told) is the Taste Pavilion. Held at City View at the Metreon it's a giant open space with an outdoor area that overlooks Yerba Buena Gardens and parts of downtown. There were a large variety of vendors there, you can check out the list here, and after nibbling bites at the first few tables me and the SO decided to pace ourselves by picking and choosing what to sample as there was usually plenty to go around. We basically ended up just bypassing the healthy granola stuff (of which there seemed to be many) and tried everything that is bad for you, but tastes so good. There were four that I really enjoyed and wanted to highlight here.

First up was After Suppa and some whoopie pies. These were really delicious. A dense chocolate cake with a creamy buttercream filling. Like a cakey version of an Oreo, only better. She had baked all these at her home the night before and she's trying to get her business off the ground and money she makes goes back to local schools. Nice lady, good food, good cause--you can't go wrong. 

More chocolate delights came from Kika's Treats. I was a big fan of the carmelized graham crackers covered in pure milk chocolate--yum. They also had palm sugar caramels covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt--chewy goodness. 

Next up was Mission Minis. Located in the Mission near 22nd street they specialize in mini-cupcakes (they will do regular size on special order if you like) and what's better than minis? Going small lets you get just the perfect bite of different flavors like their red velvet, double chocolate or seasonal favorite pumpkin spice. 

My final pick is the Biscuit Bender. Traditional Southern biscuits are sometimes hard to come by in San Francisco and while his are not the classic light flakey, fluffy variety, they are not totally a scone either. More like a happy medium between the two. My choice is the double bacon maple and he was serving it up with some of his homemade jams so I smeared on the apple pie and the combo was outstanding. (Though maybe bring a little butter next time?) He has a kiosk in the Ferry Building and you should make sure to stop by and try one of his many flavors. 

All in all, the SO and I left happy and full from what I will now call the gorge yourself pavilion, because that is what we did. Now if you will excuse me I have to go run 10 miles to burn some of these calories--ahh, the life of a food blogger.