Hmmm...a bright sunny Sunday and a good day to go out for a walk and, well, look for something to eat. After passing by several places that were packed for Sunday brunch, because people will wait in line for food seemingly on Sunday at brunch time, I decide to just move on over to the StreatFood Park and see what my choices will be. When I get there its a decent crowd yet I won't really have to wait long to get any food. Being that I'm pretty hungry I think why not just hit up Me So Hungry food truck, yeah the name is a play on...ummm...ok you have search engines just look it up.

Fortunately this crowd was there after I ordered so good on that. This is a slider truck and they have something called a small monster deal which is 2 sliders, side of fries and drink for $12, which in food truck terms is basically a good deal. I pick the Cali Slider and the Flyin' Hawaiian with a side of sweet potato fries. 

The Cali is an angus beef burger with smoked apple-wood bacon, balsamic sauteed onions, arugula and gorgonzola cheese. I asked for it medium rare, but when you are dealing with a slider it's hard to do that, however, they did a good job cooking it. It wasn't over done, it was juicy and larger than your average slider patty. I liked the bacon and tart tangy gorgonzola which melted creamily over the slider. The sauteed onions were also a nice sweetish addition to offset the tang. They also make this in a regular size burger and I would say it's worth the upgrade, a tasty slider. The Flyin' Hawaiian was shredded chicken with a sweet red pepper  sauce, crispy maui onions and some chipotle aioli. This was just okay, maybe a little too much on the sweet side and there weren't enough onions to give some texture and crunchy or balance the sweet. I also didn't really taste the aioli as it was sweet not spicy. Plus there wasn't very much of the chicken on the roll. Maybe if they add more chicken and put on some vinegary coleslaw it would work but I wasn't really feeling this one. 

When I chose the sweet potato fries he asked if I wanted them loaded and I was like, um, sure why not. They came with garlic, parsley and parmesan cheese. I've had garlic fries before but not sweet potato garlic fries and I liked it. Sweet fries, tangy garlic and cheese, it worked and let's face it, as long as you don't burn the fries, it's really hard to mess up fries too much. These were crisp and hot out of the fryer and you definitely get your moneys worth. 

If you see the truck around and you are in a the mood for burgers and fries it's worth the stop. Make sure the get the combo with the full size burger and fries then find a seat under the heated patio (it is San Francisco after all) and watch a game on the big televisions. It's a nice way to pass a Sunday afternoon. 

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