****And now a bakery has bitten the dust!! When will the madness stop!! Flour + Co. has called it quits so she can spend more time with her kids. Okay, I'll give her that one. Still sad***

Bakeries, they are my weakness, especially ones that serve up cakes and cookies. I can't walk by one without going inside to check out all the goodies. All encompassing bakeries (ones that make more than just say cupcakes or donuts) also seem to be a new trend here in town, one I am in favor of, as long as the baked goods are tasty. So it is that when a new place like Flour + Co. opens, I am so there. It's a tiny space in the Nob Hill neighborhood with the with the counter upfront and a small eat in space in back.

I had to take in all the offerings from sandwiches, cookies, cake, pie in a jar, pot pies....lots of choices and I was hungry so I decided to just go for it and try 3 things. I picked the mini vegetarian pot pie, the pretzel sandwich and the peanut butter chocolate cake. And here's how it was served for eating in

Interesting, it is a way to save on plates and this tray service thing I've had before at a couple of other joints, so that seems to be a new trend also. But let's get to the food. The pretzel sandwich I hadn't seen before plus it had bacon, manchego cheese and house made apricot preserves, more like a breakfast sandwich but it works anytime of the day. I liked the mix of salty and sweet and the pretzel was more soft than crisp which works better for a sandwich and I really enjoyed this variation. The bread was fresh and light and all the flavors mixed well without one overpowering the other but I could still taste them individually. And there was more than enough bacon to make me happy. 

They have 2 sizes of pot pies, since I was getting several things I went with the mini. The crust was a nice buttery, flaky, rosemary affair and definitely the best part of this dish. The filling however, was another story. It was vegetarian, which meant it had only potatoes and kale in it, but no other vegetables  you find in pot pies like peas or carrots. Plus they were in a sauce that was more gravy than the normal creamy you might see. It reminded me of the gravy you see on biscuits and gravy--very floury with black pepper, though this one didn't have the added sausage. It was a little too thick for me and sadly this was not my favorite.

I give the topper a B+ I give the filling a C-. For dessert I went all out and got the peanut butter chocolate layer cake. Flat out--I loved it. Peanut butter and chocolate got together in more things than just a Reece's and this is one of them. The cake was spectacularly moist and the peanut buttercream frosting was plentiful but not totally overly sweet. More of that slightly salty and sweet that my tastebuds really enjoy. There is also a thin layer of chocolate ganache on the top and some crushed peanuts to give it a hint of texture--just delicious. I could have eaten 3 slices and then curled up for a nice sugar coma nap. But really, who am I kidding, I could have eaten a whole cake. 

So, two out of three ain't bad as they say, especially when the two are very good and one is worth the trip across town for me. They have a whole host of decadent treats in the case upfront.....

and I for one can't wait to go back and try one (or more) of each of them. 

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