It's a random Saturday and the SO is out sailing so I head out to grab a quick lunch bite. I'd heard about Roostertail back when it got a lot of opening press. I've been meaning to check it out and now seemed like the perfect time. 

It's a cute little space on Sutter just off Fillmore, closer to Japantown than the Fillmore district, but that's splitting hairs. Long and narrow with window seating, bar seating, tables and they have a tiny outdoor area at the back where there are 2 small picnic type tables. I grab a seat in the window and peruse the menu--here it is:

Since this place is known for chicken I decide to give it a try, but the waiter informs me it doesn't come with anything. Meaning a half chicken will set you back $10.50 then you have to pay for any sides. Well, I really wanted to try some sides, which look good, so instead I opt for the brisket which comes with 2 sides and just for good measure I through in another side bringing my total to $19.50 for the following


A few things first off, this was a lot of food. I'd expected everything on a single plate but they came as actual full sides. Its brisket, fried onions, bacon brussel sprouts and cornbread. The brisket was tender but a bit on the overcooked side. I was hoping for some medium rare but got well done. Also, it was seasoned with rosemary and tasted more like a pot roast than a brisket. Yes, I know, you're saying that's what I get for ordering beef at a chicken restaurant, but it's a prominent feature on their menu so it should still be good. This wasn't terrible, but it doesn't particularly stand up to the many places you can get it around town. The sides however were a step up. The onions were crisp and hot out of the fryer and here the rosemary that was added as flavor really worked and I liked these a lot. Sadly, there were so many of them I couldn't even finish them, shock I know right? The brussel sprouts were shredded like cabbage then sauteed liberally with bacon and were really tasty. They weren't overly oily or salty and had a great crunch--kind of like a warm slaw--a real winner. The cornbread had jalapeños and sugar and was spicy sweet. They were soft and warm, which helps melt the butter, and had a nice little crunch on the outside. I did like these, though I thought they could cut the sugar in them by half and they would be perfect. Both of these I was able to finish. 

3 out of 4 is pretty good. The sides here were the real winner for me, and while, yes, I should have gotten the chicken, it will give me an excuse to go back and try it and some of the other sides. Especially since there is more than enough food for 2 people to share--reminder--next time don't go alone. 

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