San Francisco is no stranger to hipster/millennial trends from flannel to food trucks and bowling as kitschy foodie fun. We seem to make every effort to jump on that new bandwagon and ride it till the next one comes along. One new thing coming down the pike in the kitsch arena is putt putt golf combined with classic cocktails and upgraded food classics all in an indoor setting. Yes I'm talking about Urban Putt. The place doesn't even open till April 18th but it has already garnered a lots of attention from a host of media outlets--EaterSF, SFGate, SFist and Business Journal--to name a few. Color me intrigued, at least, as I have been a fan of putt putt since way back in the day when, believe it or not there actually used to be professional players and they showed their matches on television. You can check them out here and here--though I think they prefer the term "mini-golf professionals". Either way, it was always a fun time to head out with the folks for a relatively inexpensive night of fun.

Nowadays of course, you can't just have only a putt putt course it has to be something more to get the folks in to see and play. Much like the new bowling places around town that serve upscale beer and cocktails with chef created food stuffs. See places like Lucky Strike and Mission Bowling Club. Though for reference there is still one old school bowling alley in the Presidio if you want to harken back to those days. Sadly, bowling isn't an expensive night out anymore even at the Presidio place. Thus I do wonder what Urban Putt will have to offer and how much they are going to offer it at.

On the surface it seems they are going all in as the Mission Bowl designers, Matt Hollis Architects, are involved in the building planning along with owner Steve Fox who is designing the course. One that will no doubt be San Francisco centric with familiar building highlights from around town--you know, like the TransAmerica building. And most likely the Golden Gate Bridge in some for or the other. For some reason I just get this image in my head of the that San Francisco hat warn in the finale of Beach Blanket Babylon, though I hope it's more than that.

As for food they've tapped Dane Boryta, formerly the chef at the now closed Bottlecap (hopefully that's not a sign), to create the menu. And Scott Baird and Josh Harris aka The Bon Vivants, of Trick Dog fame to design the drinks menu. So in terms of hipster foodie cred at least, they seem to have their preliminary bases cover.

Whether all this comes together, however, is another story. It seems from the outset they have their ducks in a row as it were and I totally give them props for being able to get a liquor license, get the business up and running and quelling those pesky NIMBYS to the get the project going. I think for that last bit alone it would be totally worth checking them out and giving them support. HOWEVER--my one caveat for going to check this place out is waiting. I know in the beginning they will be slammed, plus you need to give a place time to work out some kinks that will inevitably arise when you combine drunk people with golf clubs and flying balls. While that might make an interesting viral video, I don't necessarily want to be in the middle of it. Thus, I look forward to their opening in just over a month, but will give them a month or so before getting my putt putt on.

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