BBQ meats are the new trend in San Francisco. Over the last year everything from brisket to pulled pork has been showing up on menus from high end to low end restaurants. Being a fan of meat, I'm not only okay with it, I'm also willing to try out all the incarnations to see whether any of it is worthwhile. Food trucks were some of the original places to jump on this new bandwagon and fortunately ones that serve up the goods can be found at most all of the locations chow wagons congregate. So it was on another Friday finding myself at Off The Grid and hitting up a meat truck, this time The Boneyard.

Brisket, ribs and pork are the order of the day at this mobile barbecue joint. Most are served in variations of sandwiches which include one side dish of your choice. And of course I'm going to start things off with the pulled pork, cole slaw, seasoned fried egg and bacon aioli on a toasted bun and just so it's not totally unhealthy I get the kale salad as a side. 

The pork had a nice mild smokey flavor to it but it was just a tad on the dry side. The egg was a bit too much on the undercooked side, there were bits of runny whiteness, kind of unappetizing. The bacon aioli just got lost and wasn't very bacony and the cole slaw could have used some more mayo or seasoning of any kind. Actually, for me, this whole sandwich needs re-working. I know adding an egg to something is trendy these days but here it didn't add anything to the sandwich. Eating this just turned into one big mushy mess as the bun just wasn't strong enough to hold up from the runny egg and aioli. If the pork had been a little juicier all this sandwich would need is the pork, the slaw with more mayo and maybe a small smear of bbq sauce on the bun. The aioli and egg should just be ditched--they were overkill. Though I have to say, I really liked the kale salad. It was bright and crisp with a light citrusy vinaigrette and was kind of a nice off set to the sloppy heaviness of the sandwich. Alas, my search for decent pulled pork in this town continues. 

Next up was the Texas philly--beef brisket with bbq and pepperjack sauce, caramelized onions and peppers on a toasted hoagie roll. (And again with the kale salad since I like it so much) This one I liked a lot. The beef was juicy and tender with a nice smokey char flavor. The sauce wasn't too sweet and had a good kick from the pepperjack that blended well with the peppers and onions. As a riff on a philly cheesesteak it was well executed and very delicious. 

I'll give The Boneyard a mostly thumbs up. The pulled pork and it's sandwich needs work but the beef brisket and the kale salad are surprisingly flavorful. Hey Boneyard, if you see this--for the healthy and carb conscious you should offer the kale salad with brisket topping as a menu item--it's a dish I'd definitely order. 

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