Wait!! Don't stop reading yet! I know you are probably already rolling your eyes and thinking--food court? Really?! And I say stick with me here, I'm serious. One caveat to always remember when dining out in San Francisco is that food places are not the same as they are in other cities. We are a foodie town and I tell you know this extends to the few food courts you will find here. We aren't talking about your Panda Express or Sbarro Pizza joints with their steaming trays of gelatinous stuff or lumps of cheese that have been resting under heat lamps for several hours. The places we get here are an upgrade over your standard mall food.

Look, we are not talking brain surgery here with this dining option nor are we talking about something that is below ones hifalutin' foodie tastes. In this instance I'd ask one to open their minds to the alternative if you are seeking single dining situations. Why does this work? I think that is simple enough. Lots of folks eat here by themselves whether they are just grabbing a quick bite or they may be on their lunch break, either way you won't be the only person who is eating alone. Other benefits are that they offer options, which is good especially if you aren't sure exactly what food you may be in the mood for. Plus most of these areas have free wi-fi now which then gives you the opportunity to take along your laptop or tap into your phone for some distracting surfing while noshing--and no one will even bat an eye.

As I've also previously stated the food these days is a total upgrade from food of yore. At the above picture of the Metreon's food court you can find San Francisco Soup Company, Fresh Roll, Split Bread and of course a Chipotle to name a few.

Then there is the Westfield food court with has LOTS of choices such of Bistro Burger, Andale, Caffee Central, Buckhorn Grill, M.Y. China, Cupola Pizza (ok these are upstairs but still in the mall) and Kichi Grill as a small selection. 

And here's the International Food Court which isn't at a mall but is actually underground at the corner of Bush and Kearny. It really is the go to place for good authentic and affordable Filipino, Japanese, Korean and Chinese food. I highly recommend it if you are in the area, plus they are open later for dinner. I know if seems an odd choice but it's off the beaten track and worth searching out. 

Finally, here's another alternative food court choice and one of my personal favorites SOMA StrEat Food Park. Granted it's not in a mall but it does offer lots of food choices in one place with covered seating, free wi-fi and tv's to watch so for me it fits all the requirements off food court and a great solo dining choice. They are open for both lunch and dinner and late night on Friday and Saturday, thus I don't know what you are waiting for. 

See how easy that was? I just threw food courts at you and then expanded your idea of what constitutes a food court to give you more than just the two options you thought you had in the city. (And no, I'm not mentioning Stones Town because, well, they are still old school at this point) Thus with so many choices for getting out and getting food by yourself there is no reason to hop on MUNI and get yourself out there--by yourself--alone--solo--single--whatever.