I'm trying to remember what great person said "you can never have enough bakeries"--oh wait, that was me. I mean really, you just can't. As the seasons progress in San Francisco, more do seem to be opening, though sadly, many of them are not necessarily convenient to those of us who live in SOMA. Fortunately, or maybe hopefully, the tide is beginning to turn as a popular Bay Area fave, whose original location is up at The Sea Ranch, has opened a small outpost in the hood and we now have our very own Twofish Baking Company. (Though their hours are strictly M-F 7:30am-3:30pm right now, I have hopes they will try some Saturday hours soon, fingers crossed.)

They do a small variety of things here including banana bread, cookies, muffins, sticky buns (which seem to be a favorite--they sell out quickly), some gluten free stuff AND calzones! Yep, they are serving them up for the local lunch time crowd. Since I usually fold my pizza slices to eat them, why not get a whole folded pizza. They have five choices and I go veggie, yeah I know, but I'll be trying some cookies too so there's a semblance of healthy, right?

It's mozzarella, ricotta, red and yellow peppers, onions and mushrooms. They take about ten minutes to make as they cook them to order. Though right off the bat I will say it needed a few more minutes in the oven as the inside was still just a tad lukewarm. That, however, is about the only off thing here, overall I really liked it. The fillings and particularly the cheese are plentiful and what could be better than baked bread and cheese! The ricotta gives it a nice creaminess that compliments the earthiness of the mushrooms and sweetness of the peppers. The outside of the calzone was cooked just right as you can see. A lovely light brown with a nice crunch, no burnt black spots here. You also get an herby, tomatoey sauce for dipping that is very tasty and I wish I'd had more as I ate it all before I finished my pieces. I'll remember for next time to ask for extra sauce. Fresh baked calzone and yummy sauce, it was really delicious. And even though I ate it all in one sitting, doesn't mean I didn't have room for dessert. Being a cookie fiend, that's exactly what I went for. 

The double chocolate cookie and the regular chocolate chip cookie. The cookies are $3 a pop but they are huge, bigger than my hand, thus on a cost/size ratio, it was totally worth it. The double chocolate was cake like, somewhere between a cookie and a brownie, very nice. The chocolate flavor was also loaded in every bite. It was soft but not chewy or crumbly, very well executed. The chocolate chip was a lovely, not too sweet affair with nearly a chip in every bite. The edges were lightly brown and crisp leading to a soft chewy center. A satisfying treat for any cookie lover. I bet these are even better right out of the oven, though, ugh, I don't think I could get up that early and be there for that. I love a good cookie, but ultimately I'm not a morning person. 

A win, win on both fronts from Twofish. Homemade tastes in all sorts of baked goods make them a tasty delight for me. They are now my go to for cookies, as long as I can get there when they are open. But on several visits, I have also noticed they sell out of things, a good sign for business, a bad sign if you are a late riser like myself. It's good to have bakery in the hood. Hmmm...maybe their hours are a good thing---at least for my waistline. 

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