food truck quick bite: nucha empanadas

It's back to SOMA's StrEat Food Park since it was only a matter of time before I got back in that grove. It's so nice to have choices and not be stuck at whatever restaurant the tour guide is taking you! Lucky for us this time, there is a new (to us) place and we are all over it. 

what's the first thing you'd eat when back home?

China is done, or I'm done with China and particularly the food. We are back in SF recovering from jet lag. There is no food in the house and we don't feel like going out, so what are we gonna do? Duh, we order pizza people! It's been nearly a month without it! WE NEED IT!

china food, the final seriously, this is it, i'm done

It's my last shot across the bow at food from China. While we didn't feel quite adventurous enough to try stuffed oysters cooked by a street vendor, I did manage to come across a few things I liked. Thus I'm finishing up my tour with a couple things I thought were tasty, or maybe I was just desperate, whatever. 

shanghai surprise

Donuts, donuts, donuts. Well all know I have a thing for them and I'm gonna try most any one I come across regardless of where I'm at. And sometimes, I get more than I bargained for.